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Grant Information

The Foundation is not accepting unsolicited grant requests at this time.

What We Do:

We make small, targeted grants to pre-selected 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations for operating expenses and special projects.  Most of the grants we award are in the $1000-$10,000 range, and are earmarked for specific projects and organizational needs. 

Who We Support:

Most of the organizations we support have small operating budgets and/or few or no paid staff.  Many of these organizations are run off tabletops by a team of dedicated volunteers, while others are larger concerns based in communities with few sources of funding.

The causes, organizations, and projects we support reflect the diverse interests of our various family members and the needs of our respective communities.
Some of the many different causes we have supported in the past include:

  • civil liberties 
  • conservation, sustainability, and environmental issues
  • community-based performing arts groups
  • public radio stations, museums, and libraries
  • youth groups
  • attachment parenting, alternative education, and home education
  • small mammal care and protection
  • grassroots advocacy

Our Geographical Focus:

Approximately two-thirds of the organizations and causes we support are in the Midwest, with the remaining one-third coming from the Mid-Atlantic region. In 2012, we gave grants to small nonprofit organizations in Indiana, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. 


Our Grantmaking Process:

Qualifying 501(c)3 nonprofits are nominated for grants by the trustees and their designees throughout the calendar year.  Proof of 501c3 status, tax returns, and/or budget reports may be requested. Grant requests are reviewed and approved semi-annually, with distributions in May, August, and December.

As required by IRS Publication 1771, grant recipients must submit a written acknowledgment to the Foundation for any single contribution of $250 or more.

The Foundation is not accepting unsolicited grant applications or proposals at this time.


To Learn More:

Please contact us 
for additional information about our grantmaking programs. 


About Us Grant InformationContact UsNOVA ENVIRONMENTAL FUNDERS SURVEY 2017